“Captain Marvel” Movie Review!

Last night I had the opportunity to go see the new movie, Captain Marvel, at the IMAX theater at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis. This was an advanced pre-screening of the movie, which comes out on Friday, March 8th, 2019. I took my husband and the two oldest kids and we enjoyed an evening at the IMAX after-hours!

The teenagers, both girls, and I aren’t really into comics but we have been enjoying more of the Marvel and DC movies and shows now that we have boys in our life. The teens particularly, are currently watching The Flash on Netflix and as a family, we are watching the Supergirl series. I’ve got to admit, it has captured my attention so I was intrigued by the opportunity to watch Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel (known as Vers, or Carol, in the movie) is a female superhero, similar to the main role being a female in the Supergirl series. It’s engaging to the girl-power audience, and as noted by my oldest it was “pretty cool to have a female superhero” in this role. Personally, I am not a feminist and lean more on the side of empowering woman rather than being an advocate for the feminist movement. With that being said, I love this movie! More than it being about a female superhero, I appreciated the simplicity in the film’s message on the importance of continuing to be strong and carry on despite our failures and pitfalls in life. At one point in the movie, Carol began to realize that as just a human she didn’t have superhero powers but that it was her will to succeed and conquer evil that gave her the power to overcome.

In the film, Captain Marvel is tossed between two sides of a war going on in the galaxy. Through twists and turns, she has to discover which side is innocent and which is evil. Her goal is to end war rather than continuing to fight the war.

Captain Marvel is rated PG-13, and I believe that is a suitable rating for this film. Although superheroes are for all ages, this film, in my opinion, would be more suitable for older children, teens, and adults. There are a few curse words throughout the movie, although just a few they pretty noticeable when used. There are some fighting scenes that get intense but nothing too gory. In one scene they were performing an autopsy on an alien and pulling out organs from its body, the alien was on the medical table cut open. In that same scene, one of the humans lifted the sheet of the dead alien to look at its private area. That was the only scene that I recall to any sexual content in it.

Overall, I have good things to say about this movie! There are more pros than cons and I would take my whole family to see it (kids ages 9 and up). Now to get caught up on all those prior superhero movies I’ve missed out on!

Special thanks to theCityMoms of Greater Indianapolis, IMAX at the Indiana State Museum, Marvel, and Disney for this advanced pre-screening!

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