Caramel Chip Pecan Cookies – recipe

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If you aren’t a chocolate lover, you may just love these Caramel Chip Pecan Cookies!  I’ve gotten so many requests for this recipe that I’ve decided to share it on here.  Granted, it’s by no means healthy or low-carb but it’s a great carry-in, family, and gathering kind of recipe that has pleased many of its indulgers.

This is not my recipe.  As much as I’d like to claim all the credit for it, I honestly got this off the back of a Ghirardelli caramel chips bag.  Thanks, Ghirardelli for providing this recipe that has won many hearts and convinced people that it must surely be my very own.

The recipe says it yields a dozen cookies but I usually get at least 1 1/2 dozen out of it.

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