Disney’s “Toy Story 4” Movie Review!


On Tuesday night we saw a sneak peek of Disney’s new movie, Toy Story 4, at the Indiana State Museum IMAX in Indianapolis, Indiana with theCityMoms of Greater Indianapolis!  Toy Story 4 comes out in theatres on Friday, June 21, 2019.  You can even catch the movie today in select theatres!

Disney is on a roll right now with bringing back a lot of my childhood favorites.  For any child of the 80s or 90s, this is your year for movie comebacks!  Last month Disney released the new Aladdin movie and now Toy Story 4 is upon us.  Can you believe it’s been 9 years since the last Toy Story (3) movie was released?  Tom Hanks and Tim Allen faithfully fill the roles of Woody and Buzz Lightyear for Toy Story’s fourth movie.  And as many as six new characters are introduced in this new film!  The new spotlight character, Forky, is created by Woody’s newer “kid”, Bonnie.  If you’ll remember from Toy Story 3, the movie ended with Woody’s previous “kid”, Andy, going off to college and donating his toys to Bonnie.   Toy Story 4 begins with Bonnie going to kindergarten orientation, where she creates Forky and brings him home to the other toys.

Without giving out too many details, in my opinion, the focus came off of Buzz Lightyear in this movie and highlighted primarily Woody, Forky and Bo Peep.   Spoiler:  There is a “love story” within this movie and it ends leaving viewers wondering if this will finally be the last of the Toy Story series.  You might want to grab a tissue or two.

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Toy Story 4 offers both visual appeal and innocent humor that are entertaining for both adults and children.  There are several great lessons given throughout the film that emphasizes teamwork, courage, overcoming fears, being accepted, empathy, and forgiveness.  It is also a wonderful animated film!  I believe you would be delighted with this on either the regular screen or at the IMAX.  We had the privilege of viewing it at the IMAX and, as usual, this always increases the experience.

Toy Story 4 is rated G, so good for everyone!  However, I feel that it leaned more towards the PG line.  Don’t let that stop you from taking the tots, unless they are scared of sinister ventriloquists or creepy dolls.  I think there are probably more adults creeped out by those than children, but at least I warned everyone in advance.  We took my stepsons, who are 9 and 11 years old, and they thought there were some scary scenes such as creepy dolls and stuffed animals.   From a parental view, use your discretion for kiddos under age 4.

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