DIY Keto Starbucks “Pink Drink”

Keto is all the rave!  Since the beginning of the year, I’ve even jumped on the bandwagon and I love learning all the ins and outs and creating new recipes.  I got hooked on the Starbucks “Pink Drink” before I started keto so I was super excited to find out there was a keto version of this you could order.  The Starbucks “Pink Drink” is a Strawberry Acai Refresher combined with coconut milk and a scoop of strawberries.  To get a Keto version you can order an Unsweetened Passion Tango Tea, have them add sugar-free vanilla and heavy cream.  The only problem with my love for these refreshing delicious sippers is that my pocketbook wasn’t going to be very happy with me should I continue to feed my cravings for them.

In my opinion, the Keto “Pink Drink” tastes like a bubble tea and anyone who knows me knows how much I love bubble tea!  After experimenting and looking online for some ideas I decided to try Celestial Tea’s Raspberry Zinger as a trial option for a DIY “Pink Drink.”  To my satisfaction, it was a huge hit!   I’ll be honest, I like this DIY at home version more than I like the Starbucks version!  And guess what?  Even teens love it!  At only 54 calories, 6g fat, and 0g carbs it makes the perfect keto drink to keep my sweet tooth at bay.

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