“Dolittle” 2020 Movie Review


Dolittle (also known as “Dr. Dolittle) is a new film that is coming to theatres on January 17, 2020.  I had a chance to watch the pre-screening of it and I’ll state first that I really liked it!  I think there will be mixed reviews on this film, mostly because it is very different from the other Dolittle movies.

Thank you Indianapolis Moms Blog for the opportunity to see the pre-screening of DoLittle at Landmark’s Glendale 12 Theatre in Indianapolis! I received free admission to this screening but as always, opinions are purely my own.

The new Dolittle is a very adventurous film and highlights a much bigger storyline than just a neighborhood veterinarian who talks to animals.  The 2020 film portrays Dr. Dolittle (played by Robert Downey Jr.) as a heart-broken veterinarian and philanthropic who closed up his animal sanctuary and resorted to the life of a recluse after the death of his wife.  Unable to bear the pain of his loss, Dolittle is depressed, disheveled, and his only contact is with the animals who live in the sanctuary.

Dolittle is forced to emerge from his solitary life when a boy named Stubbins enters the unkept sanctuary seeking his assistance for the injury of a squirrel.  At the same time, Queen Victoria calls Dolittle to her bedside, she is dying from an unknown illness and needs his help.  With the threat of losing the animal sanctuary, Dolittle embarks on a magical journey to find a cure to save the queen!

With Stubbins and his animal squad in tow, Dolittle sets off to finish his late wife’s last adventure.  Faced with evil villains and pirate-like characters, Dolittle runs into a series of adventurous obstacles before arriving at the secret island containing the cure, a mythical fruit.

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RDJ (Robert Downey Dr.) played a great Dr. Dolittle.  Even better than Eddie Murphy.  Though being a Marvel fan I had a hard time not picturing him as Ironman.  But not enough to distract me from noticing some of the other great actors in this film, including Emma Thompson, Selena Gomez, John Cena, Antonio Banderas, and Tom Holland.


Dolittle is rated PG, and I don’t necessarily agree with this rating when it comes to young kids.  However, a PG-13 rating would be too high.  It is a family-friendly movie and I didn’t detect strong language or sexual content, but there was mild suggestive humor, several “scary” and loud scenes and some violence, so use parental discretion for children who scare easily.

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