Hi, I’m Jamie of Cornfields & High Heels. If you’ve ever wondered about the title of my blog, it’s actually quite simple. I was born & raised in Indiana (which, is full of a bunch of cornfields) and have always lived in smaller towns surrounded by farmers & fields. But, I have a love for the city life – from Chicago to Indianapolis, to any big city I can travel to.

Several years ago I also ditched the high heels and corporate life to do social work, and now even more casually work from home as a writer and social media consultant.

A little over a year ago I moved from my small Indiana town closer to the Indianapolis area. A bigger city! BUT even being so close to the city, I still find myself living in a tiny, farming community outside of it – amongst the cornfields.

Nowadays, I still like to occasionally throw on a pair of heels and embrace a night out downtown, but I’ve also learned to appreciate how much I enjoy farm-town living, country drives, and sunsets over the cornfields. Hence the name, Cornfields & High Heels.