“I Still Believe” Movie Review


I Still Believe is the new Jeremy Camp film coming to theaters on March 13, 2020.  I had a chance to watch the pre-screening of it at the end of February and it was the most emotional movie I’ve seen to date.  You will want to bring tissues {and maybe grab some comfort foods from the concessions}, it’s a real tear-jerker!

Thank you The Owens Group for the opportunity to see the pre-screening of I Still Believe at AMC Trader’s Point 12 in Indianapolis! I received free admission to this screening but as always, opinions are purely my own.

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I Still Believe is a true story, based on Jeremy Camp’s life as a teenager going off to college, falling in love, getting married, and then facing the hardest days of his life. The movie took me back to my early youth group days in the late 90s and early 20s. The way they dressed, talked, the songs – all things so very familiar to me.  In fact, Jeremy Camp {a Christian music singer, and songwriter} is only five years older than me, it’s no wonder his young adult years reminded me of my own.


Camp is played by K.J. Apa, he’s a teenager from Indiana who sets off for college in California.  Upon arrival, he almost immediately meets Melissa, a girl he relentlessly pursues and eventually starts to date. In the midst of a confused and somewhat troubled time in their relationship, both part ways to visit their families over Christmas break. It’s during this time that Melissa experiences health problems that lead to the devastating news of cancer.

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The story goes on to show the faithfulness and commitment of a man truly devoted to his girlfriend, soon-turned-fiance, and then-wife in a matter of less than a year. Camp stands by Melissa’s side through her entire illness, being her companion and aid. Together they experience miracles, grief, disappointment, anguish, and loss that lead to an unyielding faith.

I Still Believe is about true love and never giving up on those you care for deeply – a rarity today. It’s about marriage truly being ’till death do us part’ and fixing broken relationships rather than walking away. It is inspiring and raw, it left me in tears and humbled. This film is different, it’s not going to be the hottest film to hit theaters but it’s going to hit the heart of its viewers the most.


I Still Believe is rated PG and is true to its rating. You won’t see any violence, hear any cursing, or be exposed to any inappropriate scenes. However, it is an intense movie for even adults – I wouldn’t take a younger child to this movie (under the age of 10). The scenes related to health and death are deep, my teenager was in tears. With that being said, it will also depend on your child’s emotional maturity.

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