Keto Tortilla Chips – recipe

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I miss chips like something awful when I’m doing low-carb.  And if you are like me, pork rinds just don’t cut it!  I gag on those things, they aren’t my thing.  And how are you supposed to eat all the guacamole without chips!?  Ahhh, the struggle.  So, I found this fabulous recipe from Simply So Healthy for some keto-friendly tortilla chips.  It can be time-consuming, but worth it if you want to get your crunch on.

I had to cook these until they almost looked a bit burnt on the edges to get them “crispy.”  Most of the keto chip recipes I’ve tried still don’t give me the crunch and crisp that I’m looking for, so I’ve tried baking them longer and I actually like them better this way!

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