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If you like cake and coffee, you will definitely enjoy this recipe for a Mocha Bundt Cake. I baked this for a church carry-in and it ended up being canceled due to weather!  So there it sat, this mocha bundt cake, on the counter staring at me and tempting all the children.  The kids rejoiced and we adults claimed it an official “cheat eat” day.  {The cake was gone in less than 24 hours}

I obtained the original recipe from Neighbor Food Blog and after a bit of tweaking {simply for my lack of ingredients when making}, I modified the actual cake by a few ingredients, and then made a coffee-flavored icing for the cake.

I like to post a variety of recipes {from healthy to diabetic-inducing} on the blog!  As a baker and foodie, this blog will always contain a mix of many different recipes, whether diet-based or not.  {You never know what you’re gonna get!}

P.S.  In case you were wondering, the cake itself doesn’t taste much like coffee.  It’s the icing that contains all the coffee flavor!  If you don’t prefer this, you can skip the icing or use a plain icing.

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