My 100th post as an abnormal blogger


Cornfields & High Heels officially launched approximately one year and nine months ago!  I originally started C&HH with the intention of focusing on food, recipes, and local restaurants and cafes.  As a baker and foodie, I was ready to share with the world all my creations and discoveries!  My first blog post was a recipe for an Apple Pecan Cream Cheese Bundt Cake with Caramel Frosting.  Slowly I started incorporating low-carb recipes when my, then, future husband and I endeavored into the keto world.  My first recipe for Skinny Keto Pumpkin Spice Lattes was published a few weeks after launch and was a huge hit.  Keto recipes began taking over as my most popular posts.

I really didn’t know what was going to happen or where my blog was going at that point, but it’s something I knew I wanted to commit to long-term.  So here I am, cringing over those first blog posts with the lack any SEO help and full of typos.  Now I’m taking blogger classes, collaborating, and working on my 100th post.  This has been a huge accomplishment for me!

Over the next few months, I researched how to expand to a bigger community and reach a certain audience.  I got engaged and knew a move to the Indianapolis area (from north-central Indiana) was inevitable.  As a single mom, and now soon-to-be minster’s wife I knew I wanted to expand my writing beyond recipes and food.  I felt a calling to do more – to share my faith and write about parenting, blending families, travel, and adventures with my family.  My first faith-based post, Grace, Love & Misunderstanding, was published at the end of 2017.

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My first travel-related post, Lake Michigan – List of Top Beach Sites to Visit, was published at the beginning of 2018 and travel is now one of my most favorite topics to discuss!  Although my keto recipes are, by far, still the most popular posts (what’s up, low-carb peeps?) I’ll continue to write faith, family, and travel-based posts regularly.  You may even see more of these than low-carb recipes, but don’t worry – I’ll continue posting my favorite recipes and foodie finds!

It’s now June 2019 and I’m residing about 20 miles outside of the Indianapolis area.  I’ve been married for almost a year, have a blended family, and we are renovating a 118+-year-old home.  It’s been an adventure!  I’ve become actively involved in the Yelp Indianapolis Elite group, I’m even part of their Welcome Wagon committee.  I’ve joined theCityMoms of Greater Indianapolis and been a part of some awesome opportunities.  Life has been full, blogging has taken off, and I find myself busier and busier.

If I’m being honest, as social as I may seem, I’ve struggled to find my fit into the Indianapolis blogger community.  I’m not sure exactly where I belong or even if I belong to a certain group.  I’m just me, an abnormal blogger trying to find her place.  I don’t fit into the fashion world and I don’t keep up with all the trends.  I don’t have a ton of money and I’m not a fitness model.  I try not to eat carbs, but I love them.  I’m addicted to coffee and pretty snobby about it.  I’m far from a perfect mom and my husband is a pastor. The majority of the time I’m sitting at my kitchen table in a pair of yoga pants trying to write amongst arguing teenagers and endless laundry while cleaning snot off the couch, pee off the floor and constantly making food (so much food, these kids consume so much food).  So where does one like this fit in?  Nowhere and yet, everywhere.  Ha!

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I’ve met so many people and had some great collaborations with businesses and organizations.  My most defining blogger moments have been having people come up to me and introducing themselves as a follower.  That is truly the most rewarding part!  If you see me in public, or maybe we even follow each other on social media, please introduce yourself to me in person because I would LOVE to meet you!  It’s easy to have followers, it’s much harder to actually meet them in person and I want to eliminate this barrier.  I, myself, have no problem fangirling my favorite bloggers and influencers!

So if you are still reading this far and are one of my faithful readers, thank you for sticking around!  You are what keeps C&HH going and your support is appreciated more than you know.  Cheers to the next 100 posts!



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