Pantry-diving at it finest!  Who know that needing to throw together a last-minute dinner could result in such deliciousness!  I had a bag of sweet potatoes to use up AND was craving breakfast food.  The result ended beautifully with this creamy and rich souffle.  Guaranteed to fill you up and keep you full.  Also, it’s paleo!  Nutritional facts included.

I cooked my sweet potatoes in the Instant Pot…so this is could technically be an Instant Pot recipe.  I could have totally have finished the cooking it in the instant pot too but I wanted the top of my sweet potatoes to be slightly crispy so I used the oven.  In the directions below I’ve included details on how I cooked the potatoes in the instant pot.  If you want to do the dish this way, follow the same directions but put the dish in the Instant Pot on manual for 8-10 minutes instead.  It’s that easy and will look pretty fancy!

I added bacon to this dish because we love meat, but it can certainly be omitted.

Side note: you can add a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream to the sweet potatoes for extra creaminess.  Don’t do this if you want to stick to complete paleo though.