The Addams Family Movie Review

On Wednesday, October 9th I loaded up two of the kiddos and my husband and we headed out to see a sneak peek of the new animated film, The Addams Family, at the Regal Village Park in Carmel, Indiana with theCityMoms of Greater Indianapolis! The Addams Family comes out in theatres on Friday, October 11, 2019. You can even catch the movie today in select theatres!

*I received free admission through theCityMoms as part of my experience at Regal.
As always, opinions are purely my own.

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The new 2019 film is a remake of the original 1991 movie and is the first animated version! With all of the original characters {Gormez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley}, it left me reminiscing on my childhood days of watching the black & white Addams Family episodes after school. 2019 has been the year of remakes and childhood favorites coming alive again!

Be prepared to laugh a lot in this comedy, there were plenty of humorous and entertaining scenes that had us adults laughing. My favorite part of the movie was the music! Some great music throughout, including everyone’s favorite snappy and upbeat theme song. And a great cast too!

The Addams Family is rated PG, so good for everyone! I would agree this is an accurate rating. I didn’t detect any language but you can expect to see the typical abnormal Addam’s Family shenanigans, from sword fighting to explosives and Wednesday shooting her uncle in the head with a crossbow (several times) and trying to bury her brother alive. The family sees this type of “violence” as normal and routine, it is what makes them cooky and bizarre. Use discretion when it taking children who are easily influenced. Otherwise, it is much milder than the originals I grew up with as a child!

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