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Walmart Grocery 

* Originally published 3/1/2018, updated on 1/3/2020.

With increasing technology and the need for convenience, it should be no wonder that online grocery shopping a popular option!  I was thrilled when the Walmart grocery pickup became an option.  And now added in 2020, Walmart grocery delivery option!  Between working full-time, juggling kids, and managing a blog there is little time for grocery shopping.

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Going to the grocery store digs into my weekend time.  I dread having to spend my Saturday mornings dodging crowds of people and waiting impatiently in the long check-out lines.  When I switched to online grocery shopping, I never looked back.

See if your location offers grocery delivery here.

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How It Works

The process is simple.  You log onto your account (or create one if it’s your first time) at Walmart Grocery and start adding items to your cart.  You choose your store and your pick-up time based on whether you would like pickup or delivery.  Simply check-out and you’re done!  Arrive at the specific “pickup” location (always noted on the front of the building) and they will load your groceries into the vehicle for you!  If you are choosing delivery, your groceries will be delivered to your door during your scheduled delivery time.

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Voila! The grocery fairies have filled a cart, bagged, and hand-delivered your groceries directly to you!

A few things you need to know:

  • Pick-up is always free!  There is a $30 per order minimum.  Delivery fees start at $7.99 or you can purchase Delivery Unlimited for $12.95/month or $98/year.  They also offer a 15-day free trial!
  • Walmart Grocery hours vary per store but are available 7 days a week excluding the holidays.
  • It is not limited to only food items, you can also select items from a variety of other categories as well.
  • The pickup option is available at most stores and delivery is growing as well.  While a delivery option may not be available at your store, it will be coming to you soon!
  • You can add items to your shopping cart in advance (I add items throughout the week instead of creating a grocery list) but we aware that an item could become unavailable at any time.
  • You can’t use coupons.  Unfortunately, they don’t accept coupons with online orders and since you don’t get a copy of your receipt with a code to scan (it’s an e-receipt) it’s not available for Ibotta redemption either.
  • You will need to download the Walmart Grocery app on your phone.  You’ll need this for “checking in” to let Walmart know when you are on your way.
  • You may not be able to pick-up or have your order delivered the same day.  Availability is as fast as the same day but not always guaranteed.  If you place your order before noon, there is a possibility you could pick it up or have delivered the same day.
  • Updating information, such as adding or deleting items, is available after you place your order. But only for a limited time, until your order is “shopped.”
  • If you order your groceries in advance and the price drops on an item before you pick it up, the price drop will be guaranteed upon pick-up.
  • The only payment accepted is credit/debit cards and gift cards.  EBT/SNAP is now accepted for pickup.
  • Price-drops and clearance items are sometimes available through the Walmart Grocery as well!
  • Do not miss or skip picking up your order!  You could be charged a restocking fee.
  • For delivery, you will need to be present at the time of delivery (a signature, by someone 18 years or old, will be required).
  • Occasionally an item may go out of stock between ordering and pick-up/delivery. If this happens a substitution of the same or greater quality/quantity will be made available to you.  You have the right to reject the substitute as well for pickup, however, if it’s for delivery you’ll need to report the item in your order on the app.
  • Tips are not allowed to pick up to Walmart employee (as per store policy), however, tips for delivery are highly suggested.

Steps for online ordering:

  1. Access Walmart Grocery and create an account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Select your store and pickup or delivery time (available in hour slots).  Start adding items to your cart and checkout.  Don’t forget to use the $10 off $50 or more your first order!  Or promo code FRESHCAR for free delivery.
  3. Before you leave for your pick-up, log into the Walmart Grocery app and select your order.  “Check-in” to indicate to Walmart that you are on your way.  It will estimate your time of arrival and ask you what color car you are driving to make it easier for an employee to find you.  Skip this step for delivery.
  4. Once you arrive, select a Reserved Spot in the orange pickup lot of your Walmart.  Call the number listed on the orange reserved spot and let them know you have arrived.  Skip this step for delivery.
  5. An employee will bring out your items within minutes and load up your car for you.  For delivery, a driver will arrive and deliver the groceries to your front door.
  6. Done! You just grocery shopped and never let your vehicle (or home).
Look for the orange “Pickup” lot at your Walmart
Select any open reserved spot and call the number list to let them know you have arrived.
The bins they bring your groceries out in to prevent smashing & keep items separated.
They load everything up for you! Grocery and non-grocery items available for pick up.
You might even get a little ‘thank you’ bag from Walmart for your first pickup order!

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