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Hi, welcome to Cornfields & High Heels! I’m Jamie, a writer, entrepreneur, wife, and mom. I was born & raised among the Amish communities and cornfields of Indiana. I’ve always had a love for travel – from the west coast to the east, north to the south, in tiny towns, and huge bustling cities.

I moved from a small Indiana town closer to the Indianapolis area. A bigger city! But even being so close to the city, I still find myself living in a tiny, farming community outside of it – amongst the cornfields. My love for the Midwest has grown, as well as my desire to explore the rest of the world.

Several years ago I ditched the high heels and corporate life and now I work from home as a writer and social media consultant. {And now I travel as much as I can!} I still like to occasionally throw on a pair of heels and embrace a night out in the big city, but I’ve also learned to appreciate how much I enjoy farm-town living, country drives, and sunsets over the cornfields. Hence the name, Cornfields & High Heels.


  • I write about my favorite things: travel, family, faith, and food!
  • My husband, Paul, is a pastor (and also gets credit for being the techy guy behind this website).
  • I have two daughters (15 & 16) and two stepsons (11 & 12).
  • I love traveling & road trips! My dream designations include Oregon, Wyoming, and Spain.
  • I love DIY projects!
  • We are currently remodeling/restoring our 120+-year-old home (all on our own!)
  • I homeschool and work from home full-time. I’m also a Social Media Manager!
  • Hobbies include baking, decorating, drinking coffee, Yelping, and date nights.
  • My favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs

My Family

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