Explore Your Creativity with Art Classes at the Art Association of Henry County

Art Classes at the Art Association of Henry County

The Art Association of Henry County (AAHC) provides a variety of art classes for both children and adults. Whether you are interested in painting, pottery, jewelry making, or rug hooking, there is a class for your style of art. Skilled artisans teach the classes with a variety of techniques and skills. The Art Association also offers summer camps for children to explore creativity and have fun.

Art classes and camps at the AAHC offer relaxation, self-expression, decision-making, brain exercise, fine and gross motor skills, focus and perseverance, imagination, and a sense of accomplishment.

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Classes On Demand

Many classes can be scheduled with the AAHC, and additional classes may be added to the AAHC calendar if there is enough interest. Below are some opportunities that can be made available “on demand” for members and non-members.

Oil or Pastel One-Day Workshop

The AAHC provides its members and community the chance to learn oil or pastel from Mary Ann Davis, a member of the American Impressionist Society. This workshop is for 6-12 students.

Elephant Leaf Slab Workshop

In the Art Center’s lower-level Pottery Studio, instructor Angela Dishman teaches 3-8 students how to create a one-of-a-kind pottery tray or coffee table dish.

Glass Slumping Class

Learn to clean and prepare glass for the kiln with Instructor Angela Dishman. Bring your own bottles or use theirs. In a second class, embellish your melted pieces with wire, beads, and more. Create a spoon rest, cheese tray, and wall hanging. Slump mold classes may also be arranged. Students create clay molds to melt glass bottles and make a dish or tray. Students are welcome to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy. This class is for 3-8 students, ages 21+.

1850 Traditional Rug Hooking Workshop

Choose from four different rug hooking projects at beginner and intermediate levels. Instructor Tracy Burns will lead the classes, which are open to adults and students ages ten and up. The rug hooking classes require a minimum of four students.

Fine Art Instruction Class

Gain hands-on experience through dialogue, demonstrations, and personalized coaching from Artist Kerry Holsapple. Kerry is an instructor with over 40 years of experience teaching the fine arts of drawing, painting, and picture-making, and also has direct lineage to the 600-year-old master tradition through the Boston School of Painting. Receive both group and individualized instruction.

Sketching with a Model Class

Learn to sketch with a model using essential lines, gestures, intervals, junctions, angles, masses, relationships, ensembles, and more. Instructor Kerry Holsapple guides students through this three-session, six-studio-hour class with various media.

Tone Class

With Instructor Kerry Holsapple, learn to see and paint tone values through tone block studies, palette setup, painting mediums and techniques, and the tonal scale. Choose from oil or acrylic in this three-session, nine-studio-hour class with six to twelve students.

Head Study Class

This class is perfect for beginners or those who want to improve their still-life painting skills. Topics covered include thumbnail sketch, sketching a design, transfer sheet, palette set up, color, and color mixing, painting mediums, and techniques with Instructor Kerry Holsapple. The class meets for four sessions for 12 studio hours, and six to twelve students are in each class.

Still Life Class

This class will teach students how to paint a head study from life. Kerry Holsapple will instruct you on how to make a thumbnail sketch, sketch a design, draw the human head, and render edges. You will use oil (recommended) in this 5-session and 15 studio hours class with 6-12 students.

Summer Camps

Art-filled summer day camps are held in June for children ages 8 to 14. These are a terrific and affordable way for preschool, elementary, and high school artists to enjoy a few days of artistic fun.

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