Calling all original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and Starcraft fans!  If you remember growing up to any of those originals, you’ll want to listen up!  Actually, this place will interest anyone, ages 21+ (because you’ll need to be that to get in the door).  Stay tuned though because there could be a kid-friendly afternoon available in the future, something they already have available at other locations.

16-Bit Arcade

16-Bit, located on 110 E New York St in Indianapolis, is an arcade+bar.  There is no admission, its free to play as long as you’ve purchased a drink.  Don’t drink?  No problem!  They have sodas, Slush Puppies, and several mocktails to choose from!  Many of them come with your favorite retro candies. I enjoyed a Raspberry Slush Puppie while making my way through 16-bit and checking out my childhood favorites.  As far as food, they only have a few snack options available BUT you can bring in food from any of the local nearby restaurants! There is plenty of seating available and lots of tables and chairs available large parties and weekend crowds.

The Games

With over 35 vintage arcades, Nintendo gaming areas, and 90s movies constantly playing on their big screen, you will want to spend hours here.  While all games are free, there is an exception for the Pinball machines which will cost you $0.50 (a steal!).  There is something for everyone from Star Wars, to Skeeball, Duckhunt, Burger Hunt, Kung-Fu Master, Popeye,  Ms. Pac Man, Punch-Out, Stargate, and Rampage.  Just to name a few!  Personally, I enjoyed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duck Hunt, and Burger Hunt myself. Beyond the arcades, they have outdoor games and board games available too.


My husband and I found ourselves here for a date on a Friday afternoon.  We were waiting for check-in at the Crowne Plaza hotel and I had had 16-Bit on my bucket list.  Honestly, we felt like we had most of the place to ourselves!  There were other customers there, but the afternoon was the perfect time to beat the evening crowd and we didn’t have to wait for any of the games.  Parking wasn’t a problem, it’s near Mass Avenue so we found metered parking without difficulty.

The Space

The atmosphere is retro and hip, from the Mario themed walls, to the neon signs in the bathrooms and the VHS towers surrounding the big-screen tv.  Couches are adorned with remote control pillows and outside fake green grass covers the sidewalks for life-sized Jenga and Connect 4 games.  Windowed garage doors face the sidewalk and open up to their outdoor areas (whether permitting).  Upstairs is another bar area, additional seating, Skeeball, and more arcades – all overlooking the downstairs.


Monday-Wednesday 4 pm-1 am, Thursday-Friday 4 pm-2:30 am, Saturday 12 pm-2:30 am, and Sunday 12 pm-1 am