Visit Metropolis, Illinois: A Superman-themed town

Metropolis, Illinois: A Superman-themed town

Updated April 2024

Indeed, Metropolis is a real place. It’s a quirky town in southern Illinois. It has gained fame as it has been named the “Home of Superman” since 1972. If you’re a Superman fan, this town is a must-visit. It’s a great destination for a road trip, offering a unique and memorable experience. Metropolis is located along the Ohio River in Massac County, just across the river from Paducah, Kentucky. 

Theresa Goodrich has written about Metropolis in the book, “Midwest Road Trip Adventures.” She provides a detailed route and travel plans for visiting the Metropolis and the surrounding area.

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Metropolis, Illinois

Upon arrival in Metropolis, you’ll be greeted by a prominent Superman theme. The imposing Superman statue is a must-see, and you’ll also find a museum dedicated to the Man of Steel, stunning murals, and even a gas station that provides Superman-themed photo opportunities and merchandise. Metropolis hosts a 4-day Superman Celebration each summer, including live music, races, a car show, and various games. Beyond the Superman connection, Metropolis is known for its scenic parks and diverse wildlife.

Just a short drive from Metropolis lies the breathtaking Shawnee National Forest. Dedicate a day or two to explore this majestic forest and the renowned Garden of the Gods, which offers some of the most picturesque views in Illinois.

Places to Visit in Metropolis
Superman Statue

Visit the iconic Superman Statue, a magnificent 15-foot-tall tribute to the beloved superhero. Snap a photo or a selfie with the towering figure and share it on social media using the hashtag #SuperSelfie. At over 4,000 pounds, this statue exudes strength and might. As part of a recent restoration project in 2021, the statue received a fresh coat of paint and was surrounded by more than 1200 bricks. The statue is located on Superman Square Market Street.

The Lois Lane statue is just two blocks away, at Market Street and 8th Street intersect.

The Super Museum & Gift Shop

Adjacent to the iconic Superman Statue, the Super Museum and Gift Shop offers an unforgettable experience. This family-owned and operated museum boasts an impressive collection of over 70,000 Superman-related items. As the world’s largest Superman collection, it has been recognized as the “#1 Small Town Attraction in America.” For just $8 per person, visitors can immerse themselves in its unique world from 8 am to 6 pm daily. 

Even if you choose not to explore the museum, you can visit the gift shop and purchase your favorite superhero merchandise or indulge in a bag of green “kryptonite” candy. The museum and shop are located at 517 Market Street.

Fort Massac State Park

As a state park enthusiast, I endeavor to explore state parks in every county I visit. Metropolis boasts its own state park, the Fort Massac State Park. Offering free admission, this 1,500-acre park features a range of recreational activities, including picnicking, hiking, boating, fishing, and disc golf. The park provides views of the Ohio River and a replica of the 1908 Fort Massac. Within the Visitor’s Center, visitors can discover a collection of Native American artifacts. The annual Fort Massac Encampment event in October reenacts the lifestyle of the fort in the 18th century, providing a glimpse into the past.

The Metropolis Visitors Center is conveniently located within the Fort Massac Visitor’s Center and offers additional information and resources for visitors. It is located at 1308 E. 5th Street.

Kincaid Mounds

The historic site of Kincaid Mounds boasts impressive Native American ceremonial mounds dating to 700-1000 years ago. Constructed by the Mississippian people, the site features 19 flat-topped mounds and platforms, making it the sixth-largest prehistoric Mississippian site. It is located at Newcut Rd, Brookport, IL.

Where to Stay in Metropolis
The Jones Building

Located across the street from the Superman Statue is the Jones Building. The 2nd level of the Jones Building has been converted into four suites, available for overnight stays. Each room has a unique theme; we stayed in the “Lois Suite,” which had a kitchen, living room, King bedroom, and bathroom.  The other suites available are the “Clark Suite,” “Justice League Suite,” and the “Superman Suite” (this suite is Superman-themed).  Each suite features a kitchen, a private bathroom, a sofa sleeper, keyless entry, and wifi. Exposed brick, ductwork, and windows lined with 100-year-old timber give each suite a modern, industrial look.

The Jones Building was constructed in 1908, and as you enter, you’ll find an original, old wooden staircase leading up to the suites (please note that the suites are not handicap accessible).

Where to Eat in Metropolis
Cordavino’s Italian Kitchen

Cordavio’s Italian Kitchen is within walking distance of the Jones Building; it’s a great to-go option if you’d rather dine in your suite. We filled our bellies with their Loaded Tuscan pizza, jumbo meatballs, and a large serving of their Ceasar salad. Located at 310 Ferry St., Metropolis.

Fat Edd’s Roadhouse

Fat Edd’s is a Metropolis favorite and features a huge menu with various options like burgers, BBQ, seafood, and kabobs. We ordered the BBQ sandwich, pulled pork nachos, onion rings, and corn nuggets for an affordable dinner (under $20!). Fat Edd’s is also easily within walking distance of the Jones Building, so I ordered our dinner to-go and dined in our suite. It is located at 323 Ferry St., Metropolis.

Adventures near Metropolis, Illinois:
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