10 Instagram Worthy Spots at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari

10 Instagram Worthy Spots at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari
From photos with Holidog and Santa, to the Photo Spots, murals, and extraordinary backdrops, there are several spots around Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari to capture the perfect Instagram worthy photo.It was hard to narrow down this list to only ten spots, especially between both of the parks. But, with the help of my teenage crew of savvy Instagramers, I’ve narrowed down our favorite spots (plus a few bonus locations!).

Remember, Instagram worthy photos don’t always have to be perfectly posed, scenic, and aesthetically-pleasing snaps. Fun, memorable, goofy, and interesting photos and locations are also worthy of an Instagram post.

1. The Raven

Located at the entrance of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

The Raven is the first roller coaster to greet you as you walk into the entrance of Holiday World. It was the World’s #1 Wooden Roller Coaster from 2000 to 2003. Even up close, a person looks tiny under those big wooden trestles.

2. Santa Statue

Located next to Christmas Cupboard.

Get ready to run to Santa! Actually, walk – don’t run. Okay, so maybe not everyone was as excited about this as I was. My teenagers may have been trailing behind me and rolling their eyes over my insistence for a photo with Santa. But, who can resist the friendly Holiday World Santa? It’s one of the most iconic photo spots in the park. You don’t want to miss this!

HoliBlogger Jamie W, 10 Instagram Worthy Photo Spots , Santa Statue
Santa Statue near the entrance

Bonus: A real Santa also hangs out in this area as well. There is a Photo Spot located inside St. Nick’s Toy Shop to snap a picture with Santa at specific times throughout the day.

3. Santa Claus Land Mural

Located on the side of the building next to Santa’s Storytime Theater.

If you are heading in the direction of Santa’s Merry Market, Santa’s Storytime Theater, or the 4th of July area, you don’t want to miss this snapshot. Take a photo with the “Greetings from Santa Claus Land” mural. It’s another Photo Spot in the park.

4. Holidog Statue

Located in Holidog’s FunTown.

Holidog’s FunTown is a hop, skip, and jump through the 4th of July area. You’ll be quickly greeted by a larger-than-life statue of Holidog, Holiday World’s mascot. Strike a pose with Holidog while the Magic Waters splash pad springs to life in the background.

5. The Voyage lift hill

Located at the bottom of The Voyage’s lift hill.

If you time this photo perfectly, you can catch The Voyage roller coaster ascending the lift hill in the background. There is a Photo Spot located at the bottom of the hill (also a Holiday World Digital Photo Pass location). Brag about taking a ride down one of the steepest drops of any wooden roller coaster in the world.

Or just take the picture anyway to prove you were there – we won’t tell!

HoliBlogger Jamie W, 10 Instagram Worthy Photo Spots , In front of The Voyage
The Voyage Photo Spot
6. Thanksgiving Turkeys

Located on the front of the Gobbler Getaway building.

Gobble, gobble. I love taking cheesy photos with my family and there is an opportunity for a few of these at Holiday World. The Thanksgiving Turkeys mural is especially great for families and is another Photo Spot location.

7. Thunderbird and Crow’s Nest lane

Located on the path to the Thunderbird and Crow’s Nest.

The nation’s only launched wing coaster is worthy of its own path. I like to call this the “Thunderbird and Crow’s Nest lane” because they share the same walking path to and from the rest of the park. Along the lane, there are several perfect spots to capture both rides in the background. It’s especially delightful at dusk.

8. Bahari Wave Adirondack chair

Located in Splashin’ Safari by the Bahari Wave pool.

Climb into the giant Adirondack chair at the Bahari Wave pool. It’s great for a solo or group photo and captures the Wildebeest water coaster and Bahari Wave in the background. Look for the Digital Photo Pass Attraction sign.

HoliBlogger Jamie W, 10 Instagram Worthy Photo Spots , Adirondack Chair
Bahari Wave Adirondack chair
9. Zinga Observation Deck

Located in Splashin’ Safari near Jungle Racer.

There is an observation deck at the end of the Zinga water-park ride, and it is perfect for capturing the expressions of friends and family enjoying the ride. The colorful, checkered Zinga funnel is ideal for Instagram. And who doesn’t want to brag about capturing themselves on the world’s first giant half-pipe water slide?

10. Cheetah Chase Champions booth

Located in Splashin’ Safari at the end of the Cheetah Chase water coaster.

Ride the world’s first launched water coaster and document your victory at the Cheetah Chase Champions booth. This is a fun photo opportunity we discovered after the ride, near the Digital Photo Pass Attraction area. And if you didn’t win the Cheetah Chase? Don’t worry, anyone who took the challenge of riding at “maximum curving speed and centrifugal force” is a champ.

Cheetah Chase Champions booth
Other notable photo locations around Holiday World:
  • The Christmas fountain near the entrance, in front of Santa’s Merry Marketplace.
  • The Christmas door mural Photo Spot on the building of Santa’s Merry Marketplace.
  • Holidog nutcracker in front of Santa’s Merry Marketplace.
  • The pilgrim photo booth, located next to the Mayflower.
  • The ghosts photo booth near Scarecrow Scrambler in the Halloween area.
  • Digital Photo Pass on-ride photo locations: The Voyage, Thunderbird, Frightful Falls, Gobbler Getaway, Cheetah Chase, and Wildebeest.


HoliBlogger Jamie W, 10 Instagram Worthy Photo Spots , Christmas Fountain
Christmas fountain near the entrance, in front of Santa’s Merry Marketplace.

Use the hashtag #OurHoliday and tag @HolidayWorld in your photos!

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